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1) How does the ExactCharge Calculator work?
    Contained within the calculator software are Pressure/Temperature charts and mathematical formulas to provide the user with outputted     displays of common refrigeration information standard to the industry.
2) Is the calculator hard to use?
    No, the ExactCharge Calculator is very easy to use. Because of its design the calculator instructs as it is being used and keys will not function     if activated incorrectly.
3) Can anyone use the ExactCharge Calculator?
    Yes, anyone can operate the calculator; however, only a qualified service technician who possesses a thorough understanding of the industry     should use it.
4) Is the calculator accurate?
    ExactCharge Industries has strived to make the calculator accurate. Similar to all calculators,accuracy depends on proper information being     entered. If a discrepancy exists, user should always refer to refrigeration industry standards or manufacturers specifications.
5) What other tools do I need to use calculator?
    Common refrigeration tools like a sling psychrometer, temperature probe, and a set of refrigeration gauges are needed. Most qualified     refrigeration service technicians should already have these tools.
6) Do I need to install any other software to run this application?
    Yes,You will need following files installed before running ExactCharge on your PDA. MIDP.prc file (which is a java reference implementation for     palm os running devices)
7) On which device ExactCharge is capable of running?
    Mostly it is run able on every palm powered devices(color devices). Exactcharge is available for palm powered devices only. So device which is     running Palm os garnet 4.x or later can run this application.
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