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ExactCharge System Data Report
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New from ExactCharge Industries is our System Data Report Software.Available for Windows Mobile 5.0 PDAs and SmartPhone devices with touch-screen technology,this document creation software is capable of completing,storing and tansferring critical system data information to the office and customer via a mobile handheld device.

Containing auto fill functions and dropdown menus for ease of use as well as recommended repairs it can increase profits and provides an unprecendented new standard of customer service.With the completion of the data report,the customer or facility will now have a thorough typed report on their system's performance and condition.When completed multiple times,it serves as a data logging system for which performance operation data can be compared and evaluated possibly saving on future energy and repair costs.

Included in the software is an adavanced SEARCH feature.The technician now has the ability to pull up past system reports on the go from the handheld device by simply entering the customer's name. Transferring this data from the handheld to the office or customer is accomplished instantly via the EMAIL function of the software.

ExactCharge Industries continues its efforts to provide cutting edge software solutions such as the ExactCharge Calculator and now the ExactCharge System Data Report to aid the HVAC/R Industry into the new mobile technology era.
1)  Increased Profits

  • A)Contractors and Technicians can earn more money
  • B)Increased sales from the customers you already have
  • C)Get new customers by providing the service others don't
2)  Unmatched Customer Service

  • A)Complete system report provided to customer
  • B)Recommendations for additional repairs
  • C)Concise typed explanation of work performed
3)  Data Logging and Monitoring System

  • A)Collect data every time system is serviced or repaired
  • B)Creation of monitoring log where system performance can be compared to previous performance levels
4)  Hard Copy Documentation

  • A)Limits liability
  • B)Provides proof of service performed
5)  Field Mobile Transmission of Data

  • A)Email to office and customer
  • B)Download and store information
  • C)Search capability on PDA device
6)  Standardized Guidelines

  • A)Legible typed form
  • B)Aids technician in completing and logging critical information
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