How do I create my database?


The first step to working with SQL Express is to have a tool that is designed to do just that. You can get the SQL Management Studio Express tool for free from here:

Make sure that you select an installation with the Management Express tool.

When SP1 and the tools are installed, open up SQL Management Studio and connect to your local Express Server. This will most likely be "localhost\SQLEXPRESS". Use Windows Authentication.

To add a database, just right click on Databases and select "New Database". Name it something like "CSK2".


You need to let the ASP worker process, which is the identity that ASP runs under, have "owner" permissions of these databases. To do this, drop open the new database and go to the security folder. Right-click and select "New/User". A dialog will pop up asking you for a name and rights assignments.

Your ASP worker process should be named one of two things - on most Windows XP machines this process is named "[MACHINENAME]\ASPNET". On servers and other XP machines, this process is called "[MACHINENAME]\NETWORK SERVICE". Select one of these names, and enter that name in both the Username and Login Box:


Finally, add this new user to the role of db_owner. This will allow for the creation of tables and SPs, and the execution of those SPs.