Welcome to the Commerce Starter Kit! Before the application can run, you need to install your store's database. If you get stuck, or need help, you can access our install help page.

The most common errors associated with installing the database have to do with security. Make sure that the login you use below has Execution rights on your DB. Most ISPs grant this with the login they give you, so you should be OK if you are installing the database remotely.

If you are installing the site locally, you might want to review our help page that will show you how to setup permissions properly for integrated authentication using SQL 2005 Express. (this install page can't do it for you).

If you want to install the system yourself (for example if you only want to install the CSK store and not the membership), all of the scripts are in the Install/InstallScripts folder. When you are finished just update the Web.Config as needed.

Server Selection
Server Name
This is the name or IP of the DB Server that you want to install the database into. SQLExpress will automatically install itself into the above location.
Use Trusted Connection
If you select "Use Trusted Connection", you need to grant the ASP worker process DB_OWNER privileges. If you don't know how to do this, READ THIS FIRST or your install will fail.