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Available Features
  • The ExactCharge calculator provides many useful features to service technicians working in the refrigeration industry. Containing 28 refrigerants in memory, it is capable of calculating actual superheat and subcooling occurring in a system as well as required suction or liquid line temperatures when targeted superheat or subcooling is inputted. These functions are similar to slide rules and digital manifolds currently being used in the industry. Dew point and bubble point readouts are available for refrigerant blends as well as pressure temperature correlations.
  • Targeted superheat display is available using wet bulb, dry bulb, and outdoor ambient. The duct sizing calculator allows for proper duct size readout for round, rectangular, and flex duct and includes static correlations.
  • Approximate pressure control settings for low and mid temperature refrigeration service is also included.
  • The diagnostic assistant screen provides assistance for diagnosing refrigerant state malfunctions.
  • The ExactCharge calculator provides sophisticated calculations and other functions that are not available in instruments that cost much more.
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